Production time for 2020!

Nov 24, 2020

Good day, dear partners ! ! !

We inform you about the production time, namely under the order (replenishment of warehouses does not apply), which will be ordered and paid for up to 11/30/2020 inclusive, will be manufactured and shipped until the new year.

The production time for standard and non-standard doors from 01.12.2020 is 2 months, due to the planned vacation of the Doors Bulat plant from 01.01.2021 to 19.01.2021.

We inform you in advance so that you have time to warn the customer and finalize the order.

From 01/19/2021, the production period for standard and non-standard designs will be 30 calendar days.

Additionally, we inform you that now there are delays in sending goods by mail to company Delivery due to illness, 60% of the staff are waiting for tests for COVID 19. To correct the situation with the delay in mailing “Delivery”, we are considering alternative options that we will inform you over time.