Safety level

5 out of 5 stars

Frost protection

5 out of 5 stars

Warranty for door locks and cylinder

5 years

Technical features

Possible additional options

  • Different patterns and colours on exterior and interior sides of the MDF panel
  • Changing frame colour (due to catalogue)
  • Patination
  • Art cutting (for outdoor cover only)
  • Forging and multiple glazing
  • Add-on elements
  • MDF inserts of different colors
  • Molding
  • Mirror (interior side)
  • Changing the thickness of metal sheet of the door leaf
  • Additional metal sheet on the door leaf
  • Rust-resistant doorstep
  • Moisture proof MDF
  • Changing lock on Mottura J797 (with coding) (5-years warranty)
  • Cylinder Securemme K2 (Italy) (5-years warranty)
  • Manganese plate
  • Machined architrave
  • Fronton
  • Inswing doors