Important Information – “Customer Service”

Jul 9, 2020

Good day, dear partners!!!

We draw your attention to such changes in the work of the service department, namely:

Door installation – doors that are mounted in a wall hole that are made of aerated concrete block (foam block) must be mounted additionally on mounting plates for greater fixation of the door. Since over time, when the door is mounted only with the help of anchors, it sags and the friction of the canvas on the box occurs. This problem occurs in doors with a large door weight on a 130 mm frame.


Conduct additional consultations with your installation teams, because now in new buildings, construction companies often use a gas block (it is very fragile).


From today, the service department of company “Doors Bulat” will not accept and resolve the issue of improper installation (without additional fastening with mounting plates) into the openings from the gas block (foam block)!


We are grateful for your understanding and cooperation!!!