Changes to the price list of Bulat from 08.05.2020

Aug 5, 2020

Good day!

Price list changes from 08.05.2020:

1) The series of doors “Premium” was discontinued

2) Garant – replaced the lower lock on Kale 282 RD mortise lock with rotating deadbolt (photo). In this series of doors, it is impossible to install other locks as an additional option, only KALE which comes as standard

3) A new series of STATUS doors – a series of doors with technical characteristics similar to the Garant series, but equipped in the basic configuration with Securemme 2019 and 2061 locks, a night bolt lock, a Securemme K-2 cylinder.

Changes are effective from 06.08.2020

We add a new price list and a new order form from 08.05.2020!!!

Thank you for your cooperation