Attention change since 05.05.2020!!!

May 3, 2020

Hello dear partners!

We inform you about the changes, namely:

  1. A series of doors Office, Cascade is discontinued (it is possible to order Citadel series K-4, K-21)
  2. An additional option is the Mottura Project locks (similar to the KALE 257, KALE 252 locks). Warranty for locks 5 years. Mottura Project is a global brand at an affordable price.
  3. An additional option is the increased protection cylinders Securemme K-22, K-64 – exclusively for the company Doors Bulat (5 years warranty). There is a “ТАНДЕМ” system on sale 2 cylinders 1 set of keys – a very convenient system. Analogs from other manufacturers are twice as expensive.
  4. The new series of doors FORTEZA. A feature of this series of doors is the innovative reversible Securemme 2653 TOP GEAR lock in combination with the Securemme K-22 cylinder. This lock is exclusive for the company Doors Bulat. Use this option. The lock is very cool in terms of technical specifications and innovations compared to the locks that are on the hardware market.

Thank you for your cooperation and good sales!